Home Business Lies and Myths

Let’s face it the home based business industry is a very crowded one. It seems like hundreds of new opportunities and companies pop up on a daily basis, millions of people promoting these opportunities, and all of them competing for the same customers and recruits. With this crowded marketplace, it still offers a viable opportunity for just about anyone with real desire to produce big time results.But because of this crowded marketplace, and the serious competition it offers, many individuals resort to dubious marketing practices, and perpetuating flat out lies in their advertising. They do this thinking it will give them an edge, or help them to stand out, when in my opinion it does the opposite…it sets them up for failure.Take the time and surf the internet, or the back of any business opportunity magazine, and your sure to see things like…”Make $50000 this month, no talking to customers, no picking up the phone””Make $10 000 your first week, our amazing system does everything””Make $250K this year, without lifting a finger, we close all of your sales”All headlines written by someone that more than likely isn’t making a dime, our industry is sitting on an unstable pile of hype, exaggerations, and flat out lies. We’ve created an environment in which people think that success is easy or even commonplace, without focus, determination, and work. I’ve managed to build a successful business, that took hard work and patience, two things that are rarely taught in this industry. Everyone is trying to sell the “fast buck”, and not teaching sound business building principles.My true success didn’t happen, until I learned how to become an effective marketer, I had to study and practice concepts, and strategies, until I got it right. Because of the internet and technology, we can now shorten the learning curve for most, and get them acclimated much faster. But this “get rich overnight” mentality that permeates the industry is nauseating. Don’t get me wrong, many people produce phenomenal results in this industry right away, but it is hardly commonplace or usual, yet that’s what’s sold in most people’s advertising.What happened to teaching people sound business building principles and strategies? You can still do that, and show a new person how to turn a tidy profit in their first 30 days in business. High ticket direct sales programs are all the rage now, because of that you’ve seen systems that promise “you never have to pick up the phone” because some advisor or closer will follow up with your prospects and close your sales for you for a portion of the sale, you do nothing but advertise.That doesn’t sound like a business to me, and why would you want to give away a portion of your commission to someone else? Bottom line, nothing beats learning how to become an effective marketer, and truly stand out above the crowd with sound marketing practices.